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Sunday: July 16, 2006


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Just as some of the minor poetasters of the 17th century would be utterly forgotten today if they had not been fortunate enough to be mocked in Pope’s Dunciad, some of the bands of the late 20th century, including many that were and are admired by critics or the general public or both, will only be remembered in a century or two because they were fortunate enough to be mocked by Beavis and Butt-Head.

Things That Warm My Cold, Cold Heart

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  1. Reading Juan Cole’s warm recommendation of magic mushrooms. That would explain a lot. All his commenters — or at least all those whose comments he approved — agree with him.
  2. Misreading two lines in a Chicagoboyz post, a review of a book on the fall of the Roman Empire. They give the table of contents, which includes these lines:
          1. Romans 3
          2. Barbarians 46
    I couldn’t help reading that as a football score — Romans 3, Barbarians 46 — which is not a bad summary of the worst part of the fifth century.
  3. Finding Opera Quae Fuperfunt as a title in the ABE Books data base.
  4. While still half-asleep at 6:40 am yesterday, I thought of a good title for a novel about a decadent esthete with an NRA membership: Molon La-Bàs.