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Wednesday: March 23, 2011

The Charms of the Irrelevant

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Call me a pedant, but I thought the most interesting thing about Terry Teachout’s Youtubed clip from a BBC film of The Cherry Orchard is that it seems to be subtitled in Catalan.

Sunday: March 13, 2011

Not a Joke: I Think This is Actually True

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Hypothesis: People who can’t spell “New Hamshire” spend way too much time* reading Jane Hamsher at LiarDogFake FireDogLake. And vice versa: Google gives 1,030 hits for “Jane Hampsher”.

* = any time at all

Saturday: March 5, 2011

Missing the Obvious Joke

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InstaPundit suggests putting GPS chips in state legislators, but does not mention the biggest advantage: it would make it a lot easier to track them down when they refuse to show up for work. I’d love to see a GPS map showing exactly where each of the fourteen Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate is right now. Think of the possibilities: Constituents, reporters, and busybodies could go ask them questions. They might soon be reduced to using room service for all their meals. If one of them tried to slip into Wisconsin to take care of some personal business, state troopers could nab him as soon as he crossed the state line and make him (horrors!) show up for work. We could all gossip about what it means if one of the men and one of the women are in the same location while the other twelve are elsewhere. We could cross-reference current locations against the locations of crack houses, strip clubs, and massage parlors. I’m sure there are other possibilities for good clean fun. Feel free to put your suggestions in the (moderated) comments.