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Sunday: July 16, 2006

Things That Warm My Cold, Cold Heart

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  1. Reading Juan Cole’s warm recommendation of magic mushrooms. That would explain a lot. All his commenters — or at least all those whose comments he approved — agree with him.
  2. Misreading two lines in a Chicagoboyz post, a review of a book on the fall of the Roman Empire. They give the table of contents, which includes these lines:
          1. Romans 3
          2. Barbarians 46
    I couldn’t help reading that as a football score — Romans 3, Barbarians 46 — which is not a bad summary of the worst part of the fifth century.
  3. Finding Opera Quae Fuperfunt as a title in the ABE Books data base.
  4. While still half-asleep at 6:40 am yesterday, I thought of a good title for a novel about a decadent esthete with an NRA membership: Molon La-Bàs.

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  1. Oh my. I understand so much more about the Bab just from reading that entry from Prof. Cole.

    Comment by Michael Tinkler — Sunday: July 16, 2006 @ 8:08 PM GMT-0500

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