December 30, 2004
Maybe It Wasn't Such A Bad Idea

A few months ago, a commentator named 'Zin' at Harry's Place wanted to try and then hang Bush and various members of his administration as war criminals -- also Henry Kissinger. (See especially the comment posted at 2:53 PM on July 2nd.) The most serious of the crimes he wanted to punish them for -- supposedly helping put Saddam in power in the Ba'athist coups of 1963 and 1968 -- were committed during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.

At the time, a number of thoughts crossed my mind in rapid succession. A post by Jonathan Gewirtz on Chicago Boyz just jogged my memory, so I'll post them here:

  1. What kind of idiot thinks it would be just and proper to hang Republicans now for crimes committed by Democrats forty years ago when many of the Republicans (including Bush) were still in school?
  2. Kennedy and Johnson are beyond the reach of human justice. Aren't just about all of their senior advisors also dead?
  3. Wait a minute! Ramsey Clark is alive (at least physically), and openly supports genocidal dictators -- not just Saddam Hussein -- today.
  4. Maybe we should string up surviving senior members of the Johnson and (if we can find any) Kennedy administrations!
  5. Is Robert McNamara still alive? Off hand, I can't think of any other survivors who would have been known to the general public back then.

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December 13, 2004
Not A Football Fan

I was listening to some Baltimore radio station or another, mostly for traffic updates, when the sports news came on. It seems that 'our' Ravens beat the Giants yesterday thanks to "six Giant turnovers". I wonder how many other listeners heard that phrase and went into Homer Simpson mode: mmmmm, giant turnovers.

Sorry about the lack of posts. I don't much like blogging without comments, and haven't got around to solving the spam-comment problem so I can turn comments back on. It really annoys me to have to waste precious time dealing with such crap.

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