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Sunday: November 1, 2009

The Good Side of an Economic Meltdown

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The only really inexpensive cheese at Whole Foods last time I was there was Höfdingi, which I would describe as a very smooth Brie, only elliptical instead of round. It was well worth the price I paid: $2.99 for 150g. I was not surprised that an Icelandic cheese was so reasonably priced, given what has been happening to the Icelandic economy lately. It’s too bad that economic meltdown rarely has a silver lining for the people directly affected.

Two Questions about DeDe Scozzafava

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1. If I’m reading my Italian dictionary right, her name means ‘Shufflebean’, from scozzare, ‘to shuffle’, and fava, ‘bean’. How does one go about shuffling beans? Stir them up in a big bowl for minestrone?

2. Now that she’s withdrawn and endorsed the Democratic candidate, can the Republican Party ask for their $900,000 back? Can individuals who contributed to her under the impression that she was a Republican ask for their money back?

Retro me, Satanas!

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There are two days left until Election Day here in Virginia. For several weeks now, the house across the street has had a sign up reading “Embrace civility”. I agree with the sentiment entirely, but still have a small, easily-stifled, urge to take some spray paint and alter it to “Embrace civility, or be damned!” or something even cruder, perhaps a plural noun in the vocative case.