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Tuesday: November 11, 2008

How Alert Is Google?

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Belatedly wondering if anyone else had quoted Kenko’s proto-blogger manifesto, I did a Google search on “Kenko + blogger + Idleness + flatulence”. The first result of “about 93” was my own 11:57pm post, dated (timed?) “9 minutes ago”, which means that Google had it in their database approximately 25 minutes after I posted it. I would be less impressed if I had even 0.1% of (e.g.) InstaPundit‘s traffic.


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I’m not sure why my comments aren’t working, and why I can’t even use FTP. Until I can fix that, readers may contact me by e-mail at the following address, after carefully reversing it: gro.liveewrd@liveewrd.

Trivial Observation

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I drive past a potato chip factory every weekday, and never smell a thing, though it is only 30 10 feet from the road. It must have an extraordinarily effective ventilation system.

Legal Advice

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When arrested for public urination,* demand to be tried by a jury of your peers. Try not to smirk too obviously when pronouncing the last word.

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*This was the commonest charge listed in the police report column of the campus newspaper at a certain midwestern university where I once worked. (The second commonest was couch burning.)