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Sunday: November 2, 2008

Danger Signs for Obama, II

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Since I first wrote about this almost a month ago, the sign war has heated up a bit. There are still a lot more Mark Warner (for the Senate) and Sam Rasoul (for the House) signs than Obama-Biden signs in rural areas, which suggests that McCain may well win some ticket-splitting Democrats. The number of McCain/Palin signs seems to have increased a lot starting a couple of weeks ago, when I also started seeing ‘I am Voting for the Chick’ signs, some of them quite large. I’ve also seen a few ‘Win the War’ signs. One house near Stuart’s Draft had no fewer than six signs when I drove by last week: the two just mentioned, one each for McCain/Palin, Gilmore (for the Senate), and Goodlatte (for the House), and a small one for Elizabeth Dole — an odd choice for a town so far from the North Carolina line.