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Sunday: February 25, 2007

Not Such A Dumb Question?

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John Podhoretz in The Corner:

When I was part of the founding team of The Weekly Standard, at least three times a week I’d have the following conversation with someone:

Someone: What’s the name of your magazine?

Me: The Weekly Standard.

Someone: That’s interesting! How often does it come out?

My favorite scholarly journal, Classical Quarterly, has been coming out twice a year for decades, without apparently feeling any obligation to change the name. Then again, I suppose a new journal like The Weekly Standard has some obligation to match up the title with the frequency of publication, at least for the first few issues.

Better Late Snark Than No Snark At All

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It’s been a week, but I can’t resist commenting on Patrick Belton’s post on Oxblog last Sunday:

Several days ago I did a segment for the kind people at Worldview on cleavages and fractures within Hamas at the moment, and possible ramifications for the unity government.

Interesting choice of words: “cleavages and fractures”. I would have thought that Hamas loves fractures far more than cleavages. In fact, their willingness to fracture even their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters is the principal cause of the extreme scarcity of cleavage in Hamas-ruled areas — except when Hamasites are on-line with the shades closed and the door locked, of course.