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Wednesday: February 14, 2007

Turnabout Is Fair Play

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Phi Beta Cons and others have noted that the College Republicans of San Francisco State University are in trouble for stepping on makeshift paper flags of Hamas and Hezbollah, because these flags contain the name of Allah.

Surely the next stop is obvious? Muslim countries and organizations are not the only ones that put religious symbols on their flags. The College Republicans need to set up their own counter-demonstration, with some of these non-Muslim religious flags. I suggest starting with these six:

If that’s not enough Christian symbolism, add these three:

Here’s one from outside Europe:

Of course, some flags have so many overlapping (criss-crossing?) crosses, both orthogonal and diagonal, that it’s easy to miss the big red one in the middle:

Then there are non-Christian religious symbols. I’m not sure about these two:

But I’m pretty sure that all of these symbols are religious:

If the administration of San Francisco State University were challenged in this way, they would be faced with a trilemma. They could either

  1. expel anyone who steps on a flag of any country that contains a religious symbol, which would allow the College Republicans to pen in students they dislike with circles of flags indefinitely,
  2. acknowledge that stepping on Hamas and Hezbollah flags is protected by the First Amendment, or
  3. demonstrate that they are contemptible hypocrites and/or cowards.

I suspect they would go for ‘c’. Choice ‘a’ would have the curious side-effect that students would be allowed to trample Cuban or Venezuelan flags, but not Dominican flags. Could any respectable leftist permit such a terrible double standard?