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Sunday: November 26, 2006

A Practical Approach

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Several sites have reposted the very clear picture Jackied Danicki took of one of the thugs who assaulted her on the London Underground, but none of them seems to have come up with a practical approach to tracking him down.* The solution seems simple to me:

  1. Offer a reward.
  2. Instead of leaving his picture on the web where only libertarians will see it, have a few dozen much larger copies made and post them anywhere the pudgy punk is likely to be seen, starting with all the Tube stations he passed through on the day of the assault.

It’s a safe guess that he makes a habit of assaulting and abusing women, and he has very likely done so to some of his neighbors. All you need is one disgruntled or greedy acquaintance, so even a small reward (perhaps as low as £100) might do the trick.

Of course, this should be done sooner rather than later, and there’s still the question of whether the police will follow through, but it’s much more likely to result in an arrest than posting his picture on a bunch of libertarian websites his friends and (more important) enemies are unlikely to visit.

Alternatively, if you know anyone in the London media world, see if you can get the picture on the front page of (e.g.) the Sun. Assaults are nothing new in London, but combining an ordinary crime story with a novel variety of scavenger hunt might strike an adventurous editor as a way to sell newspapers.

*I haven’t read them all, but none of the 36 comments on the Libertarian Samizdata story or the 85 comments on Danicki’s own website includes the word ‘poster’ or ‘reward’.