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Tuesday: November 7, 2006

Election News Particle

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Not much to report here, except that voting in North Raleigh is “heavier than expected, especially considering the weather” (heavy rain). So say two different poll workers at Lynn Elementary School, on Lynn Road just west of Lead Mine. I was voter 1083 at 5:15. It was also impressively heavy considering that there’s nothing particularly decisive on the ballot other than a school bond, which may of course be drawing the crowds. There’s no gubernatorial or (national) senatorial contest this year, and I’m told my congressman is a shoo-in for reelection. Voting took 15 or 20 minutes, but only because there were three times as many A-Ks as L-Zs when I got there. (My last name is not actually Weevil.) I liked the paper ballots: very simple and easy to use. The Kids’ Voting table wasn’t getting a lot of business while I was there. Perhaps they all came in before sunset.