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Monday: October 3, 2005

Suillivores Unite!

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That would be ‘pork-eaters’ in Latinate English, a compound of suilla, ‘pork’ and the usual ‘–vore’ ending from the verb vorare, ‘to devour’. (The word is stronger than ‘eat’, and might be taken to imply a Homeric, i.e. Simpsonian, attitude towards bacon, ham, and pork chops.)

In response to a U.K. movement to forbid even pictures of pigs, real or fictional, in any location where Muslims might inadvertently see them, Relapsed Catholic has started a ‘Free Piglet’ campaign, complete with cute logos such as this one. (Scroll down to the last — topmost — post on October 1st, and then scroll back up, stopping at the pig pictures.)

I don’t know if RC will appreciate my saying so, but her campaign on behalf of suillivores has some resemblance to the campaign for ‘gay-friendly’ schools, businesses, and accommodations. (If GayPatriot joins the Free Piglet campaign, he can offer two abominations for the price of one.) Just as one can be gay-friendly without being gay, it ought to be possible for a devout Muslim, Jew, or vegetarian to be ‘porkeater-friendly’ in a totally nonparticipatory way.

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