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Monday: February 21, 2005

Bad Proofreading

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iTunes (previous post) is a very useful piece of software, but the downloadable information on artists, titles, and so on seems to have been typed in by dyslexic baboons who then used search-and-replace to further mess it up. Anything that looks like a Roman numeral is assumed to be one, even in the middle of a word, which produces idiocies like KnoXVIlle Girl. The worst error found so far is in a Louvin Brothers song. The title is What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul?, and the idea is that when Judgment Day arrives, many of us will find ourselves wishing we could trade some of our hard-earned material possessions for spiritual credit, if it were not too late to do so. The iTunes database gives the title as What Would You Give in Exchange for My Soul?, as if the singer-persona were Homer Simpson bargaining for a jelly doughnut.

(I wonder if I could trade a couple of CDs for cancellation of that baboon remark? It’s not like I need them as much now that I’ve ripped them.)

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