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Sunday: August 16, 2009

No One Can Escape the Tentacles of the State

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I don’t generally waste money on ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ foodstuffs, but when I buy a delicious gooey granola bar from a man wearing a fringe beard, straw hat, white shirt, and suspenders, I really don’t like it to have quite so many inorganic and unnatural ingredients as this:

It makes me wonder whether they’re really ‘home-made’, and whether it’s even legal to sell home-made foodstuffs any more.

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  1. The problem of course is that even if you made the granola at home, it would have a similar ingredient list. You put Rice Crispies in? Butterscotch chips? Coconut flakes? Margarine? Well those are all processed foods with gross ingredient lists. They have to list every single building block of all of the products that go into the production of their “homemade” goodies…which is when you realize just what we’re putting in our bodies.

    Comment by Tia — Monday: August 17, 2009 @ 5:39 PM GMT-0500

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