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Thursday: June 16, 2005

Help Needed

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Dear Readers:

This would be an excellent time to hit the tip jar on the left. Surely all my readers combined can come up with $20.00 between them so I can pay my car insurance bill? By helping me out, you will also earn a place on my Patronage page, which I just remembered to put back up. It needs a bit of editing for the anonymous contributors, but there are opportunities to qualify as an Augustus, a Maecenas, a Pollio, a Messalla, a Pliny, a Domitian, or (if you like that kind of thing) a contemptible Virro.

Would you rather get something for your money? I have added dozens of titles to my used book sale (here), including some interesting books — plus some crap, of course, for variety.

One more thing: If you sent me money last year and I failed to record your name, will you please remind me? I remember the month and amount, but your name was lost in an inadvertent e-mail purge, and it still bothers me.

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