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Monday: March 16, 2009

Carnivorism in Action

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For International Eat an Animal to Annoy PETA Day yesterday, and because it was my birthday, I had shrimp and grits for lunch (a surprisingly tasty combination), batter-fried squid and two kinds of pork for dinner — pork tenderloin with a side dish of slivers of spinach, onions, and potato mixed with shreds of bacon. Very tasty. I would have had fish with my lunch as well, but the waitress brought the wrong salad and I had already eaten half of it before I noticed there weren’t any white anchovies in it. If there were a Korean restaurant in town, I could have had mollusc, crustacean, fish, bird, and two or three species of mammal all in one meal, but I had to make do with non-ethnic restaurants. The pork tenderloin came in a red-wine sauce, so the meal was offensive to Islamists as well as vegetarians — offensive in two or three different ways, in fact, depending on whether you count the two kinds of pork separately.

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