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Monday: June 13, 2005


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Roger Simon wants suggestions for a more serious name for the Pajamas Media portal site. I hope they don’t get too serious: it would make them look too much like the pompous old farts they aim to replace supplement.

I suggest something short and snappy, perhaps only three letters, like an old-fashioned over-the-air network. One possibility would be NBS, which could stand for the minimalist ‘Network of Blog Sites’ or other, more complex, names. Acronyms normally omit prepositions and other tiny words, but in this case ‘NoBS’ might be a better representation of what the new online network will stand for. (‘Stand for’ in two or three different ways, come to think of it: abbreviate + represent + put up with. Sometimes I just can’t help punning.)

The new blogging network will need a logo as well as a name. Has anyone thought about that yet? Again, mockery is hard to resist. If CBS uses a creepy unblinking eye, NoBS could use an ear, or a finger, or a finger stuck in an eye. If NBC uses a garish rainbow-colored peacock, NoBS could use an elegantly monochrome peahen. The comments are open for further suggestions.

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