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Saturday: June 11, 2005

Two Emendations

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1. Susanna Cornett (Cut on the Bias) quotes a Mark Steyn essay unavailable to me (even free registration sucks):

. . . I wonder if the Islamists’ ability to play the Western press like a fiddle is quite so smart in the long run. The majority of Americans have a higher regard for their military than their media, and for the jihad to retain its power in the popular imagination it has to be credible. When Newsweek, CBS et al fall over themselves to shill for Islamist spin-doctors, complaining that the infidels are not handling the Koran in appropriately submissive ways, they risk turning the jihad into one huge laughing stock. In that sense, the whiners are doing far more damage to Islam than the urinators are.

“Urinators” and “whiners”? As fond as he is of puns, surely Steyn should have written “pissers” and “moaners”, respectively. (Perhaps he did, in another part of the essay.)

2. In her next post, Cornett quotes some inane remarks by a representative of the latest herd of naked protesters, and comments:

Unless the reporter cobbled that quote together from a longer, coherent argument, this young man is incoherent. But naked protests are not new; . . . .

Surely that’s mistyped, and she intended to write “Butt naked protests”?

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