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Friday: June 10, 2005

How Stupid Do Spammers Think We Are?

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1. If Earthlink really had suspended my account for unspecified reasons, and sent me an e-mail to say so that does not contain my name but does refer me to a non-Earthlink URL to fix the problem, wouldn’t I at least not be getting all that other spam?

2. Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any wealthy relatives unknown to me, even more certain that if I did they wouldn’t be the sort to die in a plane crash in Togo, and absolutely certain that such a putative relative would not be named ‘Ferras Weevil’. Any (human) Weevils in Togo or elsewhere are no relation to me, since Weevil is not my real name. Not to mention that my correspondent in Togo alleges that he is the legal agent of the late Mr. Weevil, whose $14,000,000 fortune was apparently not embezzled, as it usually is in these offers, in which case surely I would have a right to more than the pathetic 40% that he offers to send me as legal heir. What kind of probate lawyer demands 60% just for tracking down the next of kin? I wonder whether this moron is actually editing each individual e-mail to mail it separately, or has a mail-merge program to tailor his scam-spams to their addressees.

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  1. The very first of the “looking for relatives of ______ who died in Lagos” e-mails I received just happened to actually use the name of a cousin of mine. I was momentarily alarmed, although I couldn’t see how cousin Mike happened to be in Nigeria. But then there was the part about $10,000,000. Cousin Mike is an enlisted man in the Air Force with no rich relatives…

    Comment by markm — Saturday: June 11, 2005 @ 5:18 AM GMT-0500

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