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Wednesday: July 11, 2007

Not Sleeping Together?

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I’ve been following Mark Steyn’s coverage of the now-deadlocked Conrad Black trial, but I don’t recall him mentioning one interesting detail. He’s out of touch today and refers us to his Maclean’s colleague Steve Maich, whose latest report begins:

The jurors trudged past the pack of silent, gawking reporters on their way home again this afternoon, and the consensus on their body language was: serious.

My first thought was “Home?” – I had assumed that a jury trying a billionaire on charges that could land him in jail for a hundred years would be sequestered. My second thought was “I wonder if any of them have been surfing the web and run across Steyn’s coverage of the case?” Probably not: I imagine there’s a severe penalty for that sort of thing. But it’s an interesting thought, though perhaps better suited to a novel than real life.

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