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Thursday: February 24, 2005

Tragic Ignorance

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It’s unsporting to make fun of semiliterate misspellings, but this one is too amusing to pass by. The Indepundit, aka LT Smash, links to a group called Code Pink: Women for Peace that is still demanding “peace” through surrender in Iraq. One particular sentence in their advertisement caught my eye:

Camp Pendleton Marine base, one of the largest bases in the country, has suffered a tragic number of causalities in the ongoing war and occupation of Iraq.

Damn those tragic causalities! Would it be unfair to note that the moonbat community has always had trouble with things like cause and effect? I won’t link to Code Pink, but I did check their site, and the error was not introduced by LT Smash. (I thought I ought to mention that in case they fix it.)

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