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Tuesday: March 23, 2010

Time To Watch Rashomon?

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Nothing to do with politics. Today is Akira Kurosawa’s 100th birthday. I wonder how many culture bloggers will mention it. No one seems to have noticed Hugo Wolf’s 150th, which was 10 days ago.

Just Wondering

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I heard on the radio yesterday that Obama plans to sign the Health Care abomination on the South Lawn of the White House this morning. Having the ceremony in public and outdoors seems unwise. Will there be masses of booing demonstrators with clever signs in view (and hearing) of the cameras, or will he use the Park Police and Secret Service to keep disgruntled constituents far away from the ceremony? Perhaps the weather will ‘force’ him to move the ceremony indoors. “A chance of showers after noon” (NWS) doesn’t seem quite enough for that.