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Monday: July 13, 2009

Another George Jones Fan?

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Driving through Berryville, Virginia a couple of hours later I had to slow down for a police car on the shoulder with all its lights flashing. There was no other car on the shoulder, and the policeman was having an intense conversation with a shirtless bald guy on a ride-on lawnmower 20 or 30 feet off the road. I wonder if he’d been driving it recklessly in traffic. If he’d been keeping it off the road, it’s hard to think what he could have done to attract the attention of a policeman — assuming the grass he was cutting was his own. Or would drunk driving on your own property be illegal if it was sufficiently blatant? There were some very curly fresh-cut tracks in the grass.

If This Is A Joke, It’s A Good One

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Driving through Waynesboro, Virginia yesterday, I passed the entrance to The Eastside Speedway, a venue for drag-racing, Motocross, and demolition derbies. The one-block-long road leading to it is Al Gore Lane.

Update: (7/16, 10:16pm)

After Andrea Harris quoted me over at Tim Blair’s blog, commenter ‘Aristocracy of Grunts’ provided the photographic proof I was too lazy to get myself.