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Sunday: May 21, 2006

Fun with Chemistry

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Some of you may be wondering what I wrote on The Volokh Conspiracy yesterday that EV himself described as follows:

(The one worthwhile comment was Dr. Weevil’s, which, while skating close to or over the edge as to civility, was at least kind of funny and on-topic, for a change.)

Since he deleted it anyway, along with a stack of idiotic comments from a certain ‘Just’ and others, here it is, as best as I can recall it:

Looks like ‘Just’ is made out of Praseodymium, Iodine, Carbon, and Potassium.

You’ll have to follow the link to see the context.

Here’s another joke. What is this the chemical formula of?

Yes, I know it’s physically impossible: it’s a joke. Suggestions may be placed in the comments, now that they are working again.