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Sunday: June 19, 2005


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One of the larger Spanish publishers (Espasa-Calpe) has just published a translation of twenty-three tales of “William Sidney Porter, más conocido como [= better known as] O’Henry”. The web-page includes a picture of the cover of the book: though blurry, it’s just clear enough to show the same error on the jacket. I wonder how long it will take them to figure out the problem, or if they already have and decided to sell it anyway. I also wonder whether anyone has been fired, or will be. Illiteracies like this can’t be good for sales. When I was in college, I was having trouble making up my mind which of two inexpensive paperback editions of Hume’s Dialogues concerning Natural Religion I should buy, until a classmate pointed out that one of them had different titles printed on the cover and spine. I immediately bought the other one.