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Sunday: March 18, 2007

What Is To Be Done?

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Powerline and other sites have been covering the story about Muslim employees at Minnesota Target stores refusing to ring up pork products. I’m wondering if it would be possible to get the message of tolerance across to the Muslim community with a tit-for-tat demonstration. Surely Target has a few Hindu employees. Could they be permitted or even encouraged to refuse to ring up beef for Muslim customers, just for a week or two, to make a point? I’m guessing that a town like Minneapolis has a fair percentage of vegetarians, too, including some of the stricter Hindus, and that some of them work at Target. Could they refuse to sell beef, chicken, and lamb to Muslim customers, again just for a week or two?

One obvious objection is that encouraging discrimination against Muslim customers likely violates some anti-discrimation law or other. Then again, allowing Muslim cashiers to discriminate against infidel customers should be equally illegal. Not to mention that allowing Muslim cashiers to discriminate while Hindus and vegetarians do not looks as if it may be illegal, too. Perhaps the Hindu and vegetarian cashiers should sue their Muslim fellow employees to force them to do their fair share of the work?