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Monday: December 28, 2009

A Useful Bargaining Chip

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I would leave this is as a comment on Big Lizards, but the comment software won’t let me.

Dafydd of Big Lizards predicts that Obama will not run for reelection, but will instead ‘trade up’ to General Secretary of the United Nations. In the first two comments, Steven Den Beste objects that “the SG of the UN can’t be from a veto power”, and Dafydd retorts “Any rule can be waived”. Not to give anyone any ideas, but I can see Obama offering to give up the veto power in return for the Secretary Generalship, or even just for the Hell of it.

Tuesday: December 22, 2009

Who(m) Can You Count On?

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If you’re looking for a snow shovel three days into a blizzard: Home Depot. Martin’s (our local high-end grocery chain) sold out on Friday, when the blizzard was just getting started. By Monday, Walmart had been out of snow shovels for quite some time. They suggested I try Home Depot, which had large quantities of four different models, all very reasonably priced: the cheapest was $12.95, the most expensive $22.95. I bought the $19.95 model, since it had a metal blade and the other three were all plastic. I probably should have thought about buying a snow shovel earlier, but I rent, so clearing the sidewalk is the landlord’s problem. Of course, getting my car out from under two feet of snow was my problem. I did most of that myself, with just a window scraper, but paid a couple of guys $10 to finish the job. I would show you a picture of the snow shovel I bought, but searching for ‘snow shovel’ on the Home Depot site brings up only snow blowers and snow blower accessories.

Monday: December 21, 2009

Just a Suggestion . . . .

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Perhaps I’m just addicted to bad jokes and cultural allusions, but if I were Terry Teachout, I would have titled his latest post “Top of the world, ma!”.

Saturday: December 19, 2009


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The view from my front window late this morning:

Renting means not having to shovel the steps, like the home-owner across the street.

The view from my back window: