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Sunday: December 11, 2005

Two More Quotations

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One reason I haven’t posted much lately is that I’ve been dealing with my backlog of miscellaneous papers in boxes. The last time I moved I had seven full boxes labeled ‘Crap I’ through ‘Crap VII’, each containing a random mixture of things I should have thrown out years ago (telephone bills and checkstubs from 1979), things I will never throw out (a few of the letters), and things that may fall into either category, depending on my mood. I’ve moved them at least a dozen times, though at least 75% of what they contain is indeed crap.

One of the advantages of finally sorting through these boxes is that I occasionally run across things worth posting: quotations jotted down years ago. Here are two from one eminent classicist (R. D. Dawe) writing about another (D. L. Page). They are from page 324 of some article I didn’t have the foresight to record, most likely Dawe’s obituary of Page in (I think) the Proceedings of the British Academy. Or perhaps not, considering what the second one says.

Page was now seen to be a young man with a brilliant mind and a command of his subject. But the world is full of young men with brilliant minds and a command of their subjects, and most of them sink from sight after a few years.

. . . there are three ways into the British Academy: sodomy, papyrology, and treason.

Now I can throw away one more scrap of paper.

Update (14 seconds later): Done.

Quotation Of The Day: Ben Jonson

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Vulgi expectatio

Expectation of the Vulgar is more drawne, and held with newnesse, then goodnesse; wee see it in Fencers, in Players, in Poets, in Preachers, in all, where Fame promiseth any thing; so it be new, though never so naught, and depraved, they run to it, and are taken.

(Timber, or Discoveries, Oxford edition, viii.576)