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Wednesday: December 7, 2005

Stupid Argument # 1427

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I recently put this in the comments at The Indepundit, but it seems worth saying here as well. That way, I can find it again easily.

I am really getting tired of people saying that the famous ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner meant that Bush was claiming the war was over. Anyone who knows anything at all about the military knows that a mission is not a war. A war is divided into campaigns, in each of which particular units are assigned particular missions. In other words, a mission is a part of a part of a war. In this case, the Abraham Lincoln’s mission (providing air support for the defeat of Saddam’s army) was in fact accomplished, which is why the carrier was heading back to the U.S. when Bush visited. Anyone who claims that ‘Mission Accomplished’ means ‘War is Over’ is either ignorant or dishonest. Of course, we’ve been told that thousands of times in the last couple of years. That just shows how many ignorant and dishonest people there are in the anti-Bush league.