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Sunday: August 28, 2005

Better Than ‘Bambi Vs. Godzilla’

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Probably not as violent, but just as big a mismatch in a different way, and potentially just as amusing:

Dean Esmay reports that Cindy Sheehan’s demonstration is now supported by Joan Baez, Al Sharpton, David Duke, and the NeoNazis of Stormfront, all of whom are either in Crawford or heading that way. I don’t believe I’ve ever had anything positive to say about Al Sharpton before, but he has a chance to redeem himself now, at least to some small extent. He’s a big fat guy, and an extrovert, and a New Yorker. I’m guessing he’s fond of physical displays of affection. I would pay good money to see him go right up to Duke and the Stormfronters, one after the other, and give them all prolonged and tight bearhugs, with maybe a kiss on each cheek as well, just to see the looks on their faces and their body language.

My previous place of employment had four cats of various sizes and two little yappy dogs. The one thing that really pissed off the biggest and baddest of the cats is when the little wienerdog-chihuahua would run up and lick his nose. When that happened, he would hiss and smack the dog, then sulk for the rest of the day. I would expect a hug from Al Sharpton would have much the same effect on David Duke and the Stormfront Gauleiters.

Of course Sharpton is probably no more eager to hug a Nazi than a Nazi is to hug a black man, but I wonder if he might be willing to do so just this once to see the effect.