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Thursday: August 18, 2005

Odd Juxtaposition

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There are a lot of nouns that go well with ‘concerned’, and a lot of adjectives that go well with ‘bikers’, but the Concerned Bikers Association whose headquarters I drove by 20 or 30 miles north of here sounds odd somehow. I’m having trouble coming up with a remotely plausible mental picture of a typical member.

Depressing Thought

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I’ve passed at least half a dozen trailer parks in my move from Baltimore to Raleigh, and have yet to see a car or truck parked in one of them that looked to be worth less than my badly-dented-on-both-sides ’95 Tercel. In fact, the average value of the cars and trucks I’ve seen in trailer parks must be at least three times the value of mine. Of course, if I moved into a trailer park, I would be able to afford a nicer car myself.