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Sunday: September 25, 2005

Unfortunate Song Titles

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What is the most unprepossessing name ever for a piece of music? Though it’s far from the worst piece of music I’ve ever heard, Spade Cooley’s “Yodeling Polka” probably has the worst name, and his “Cow Bell Polka” is first runner-up. Of course, the artist’s name doesn’t exactly help, still less if you know that he was born Donnell Clyde Cooley.

He ruined some of his other titles by his own actions. “You’ll Rue the Day” and “I’ve Taken All I’m Gonna Take From You” are excellent examples of Western Swing in themselves, but they lose much of their charm if you know that Cooley stomped his wife to death in 1961 in front of their young daughter. Quite a few other titles sound sinister in retrospect: “Trouble Over You”, “Oklahoma Stomp”, “Crazy ’Cause I Love You”, “Shame on You” — all from one album of greatest hits.

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