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Sunday: March 20, 2005


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As already reported, Tuesday could have been meatier, but Thursday was better. I went to Charlottesville to see a friend’s lecture. At the dinner in his honor afterwards, I had steak tartare with chopped pistachios and garlic toast for the appetizer, and sweetbreads with mushrooms and bacon for the entrée. Sweetbreads is an ambiguous term and can refer to brains, pancreases, or thymus glands. I asked the waiter, and he assured me that these were thymuses, though I forgot to ask from what animal — most likely veal. I’ve had lamb brains before: they were bland and mushy. Thymuses (thymi?) are chewier and more flavorful, but, like Pelléas and Mélisande, once will be enough for the next ten years or more. I’d still like to try pancreases.

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