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Sunday: December 18, 2005

Is This A Theme?

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Three things I learned this fall, two in the last two days:

  1. That Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie is not a bad (short) movie, though The Nightmare Before Christmas is even better. I’d seen the latter before, but had somehow managed to forget most of the plot, the fact that it’s more or less a musical, and even some of the more amusing bits, such as the mayor’s two faces and the way the Boogie Man dies. (Hope I didn’t ruin it for readers who might be upset at hearing that he dies!)
  2. That Frosty Morn Wieners are also not bad, considering they sell for 99¢ for a package of ten at Food Lion. To be precise, the taste is not bad: the color is a disturbingly radioactive shade of pink.
  3. That one of the scholars mentioned in the footnotes of Anthony Grafton’s The Footnote: A Curious History bears the unfortunate designation “P. P. Wiener”. I would have been tempted to violate the usual bibliographical rule and give him more names and fewer initials.

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