April 12, 2004
A Troll Unmasked?

Readers of Hobbs Online A.M. will be familiar with 'JadeGold', the trolliest troll currently infesting the Blogosphere. It has been banned from every other website I read, and I've had to ban it three times so far here, since it keeps changing addresses.

I believe I have penetrated JadeGold's disguise. Consider the evidence:

  • Apparently lives in the D.C. area -- so people say who have checked its various IPs.
  • Has lots of time on its hands.
  • Not precisely stupid, but has only a tenuous connection to reality.
  • A distinct malevolent streak.
  • A strong hostility to Republicans in general, and conservative Republican presidents in particular.
  • Very evasive about personal details: will not confirm his (or her) gender, profession, age (even within 10 years), or anything else at all about her (or him).
  • Has a habit of making sneering and dishonest remarks about supposed gaps in other people's resumés, while carefully concealing every detail of his (or her) own. This sounds like projection to me: what's he hiding?
  • Seems to like being banned from every blog in town, though he hasn't quite succeeded in being kicked off Hobbs Online. This suggests an urge for self-punishment -- for what?

Adding up the evidence, I can only conclude that 'JadeGold' is the chosen pseudonym of John Hinckley, Jr.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 12, 2004 03:18 PM