December 02, 2003
A Book Proposal, But Not For Me

Work has been burdensome and distracting, but here's a little something for those still reading:

On the Third Hand links to a story from Australia about "young Muslim men . . . roaming around Sydney gang raping non-Muslim women, or as the rapists like to say, 'Aussie pigs' and 'sluts' who ask for it". Similar things have happened in France, Norway, and other countries. The post reminded me of something I wrote a year and a half ago that still seems important:

It seems to me that many men in today's Islamic world suffer from an unusually virulent strain of the so-called 'Madonna-whore complex', dividing all women into the virtuous asexual Madonnas and the hopelessly depraved majority. That would be bad enough, but they combine this with an equally virulent ethnic and religious bigotry. It appears that all Madonnas are Muslims and all Muslims are Madonnas: any exceptions to the latter rule are promptly stoned. At the same time, all the (unstoned) whores are infidels, and just about all the infidels are whores, the whoriest of all being Jews and Americans. Whether this is wishful thinking or actual opinion, who can tell? In their hearts they must suspect it is, shall we say, oversimplified.

I suspect that this could be expanded into an entire book. Perhaps someone with the requisite expertise in the appropriate fields, the courage to risk a fatwa, and (what I have even less of than the other two) enough spare time to write such a book could do so. I just want 10% of the royalties.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at December 02, 2003 12:14 AM