November 16, 2003
Tragedy Strikes The Blogosphere

Yesterday was a sad day indeed for all who love blogs. At 9:27:24 AM, the blogger known as 'Hesiod Theogeny' publicly delinked Instapundit, declaring "No more links for free publicity from me after this post". Poor Glenn must be in agony, desperately pondering what he can do to win forgiveness from 'Hesiod', his cheeks burning with shame whenever he thinks of his plummeting hit count and the way 'Hesiod' now lists his name: crossed out, and without a hot link.

But seriously: with Instapundit's departure, the Counterspin Central blogroll has only two blogs in common with mine -- watch your backs, David Hogberg and Jim Henley! -- and only two or three others that I have ever even considered linking. There is no shame in not being on any particular blogroll, but being delinked by 'Hesiod' is an honor almost on a par with a listing on WarbloggerWatch's list of 'The Watched'.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at November 16, 2003 10:45 PM