October 19, 2003
Just Wondering II

Tipped off by reader Gautam Mukunda, Instapundit reports that ESPN has not only fired Gregg Easterbrook but removed all his writings from their website. Without getting into the question of his guilt, on which my thoughts and feelings are mixed, I sincerely hope that he

  1. has copies of everything he wrote for ESPN on his own hard-drive, so he doesn't have to ransack the Google cache, and
  2. has the legal right to republish his work on his own web-site or elsewhere (which depends on the exact words of his contract, I suppose).

Mildly amusing side-note: In revising the first draft of my first sentence to make ESPN instead of Easterbrook the subject I inadvertently put my right hand one key too far to the left, which made ESPN come out as ESOB. Perhaps the error was subconscious and mental rather than physical. I would boycott them, but (a) I very rarely watch any sports at all, and (b) I don't have cable yet. Perhaps I can boycott next year's broadcast of the National Spelling Bee.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at October 19, 2003 04:34 PM