October 19, 2003
Just Wondering I

Critical Mass blogs on plans to start a "tribally-controlled" university in Oklahoma. In passing, she mentions that there are 39 Indian tribes in the state, and that the Creeks, Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, and Seminoles are known collectively as the "five civilized tribes". Google tells me that there is a Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee, and that the tribes got the name from their early adoption of European customs. What I want to know is what the other 34 Indian tribes in Oklahoma think of the name. It does rather imply that the rest are barbarous and uncivilized, which strikes me as being at least as bad as naming a sports team Indians or Braves or Seminoles.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at October 19, 2003 04:06 PM