September 19, 2003
Hurricane Blog III-B

I know I promised my previous entry on this subject would be the last, but there's more to report. It turns out that some nearby areas were much harder hit. My parents and brother 'Steevil' live on the same one-block dead-end street a mile or two west of here. Among the 60 or 70 homes on their block, 4 cars were damaged or destroyed by falling trees or branches, and one fallen tree blocked the whole street at 4:30 this morning, though the city (or county?) had a crew out very quickly, and sawed it up and hauled most of it away before dawn. A lot more exciting than anything that happened where I am.

I just moved into my apartment, and haven't had a chance to do much grocery shopping. However, thanks to the power failure at my parents' house, my freezer is now full, and my refrigerator half-full. They tell me they'll disinherit me if I eat the home-made rhubarb pie, but the rest is fair game. Too bad I don't like liverwurst or chicken pot pies.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at September 19, 2003 08:52 PM

Chicken Pot pie!?!? I'll yake it! mmmhh mhhhhh!

Posted by: Nick M. on September 20, 2003 07:51 PM

yake = take sorry, the drool made my finger slip

Posted by: Nick M. on September 20, 2003 07:52 PM

Did they get a receipt for the pie?

Posted by: Robin Roberts on September 20, 2003 11:09 PM