August 10, 2003
BoreBlogging: I'm Getting Too Old For This

I mean moving without any help, not boreblogging: I'll never be too old for that.

I copied that last post from my other site, the one with my real name on it. Apologies to the three or four people who read both.

Friday brought my first Lileks link, which doubled my visitors and pageviews for the day and tripled my hits and bytes. I should have welcomed the new readers with new material, and I've got plenty to say, but posting has been sparse since I'm still packing up to move. I've extended my lease from tonight to Wednesday night, and will extend it again to Friday when the office opens tomorrow. Fortunately, the landlord hasn't rented it out yet, so he's glad to get the extra bits of money. I moved half my stuff to a rented storeroom on Friday: 101 bankers' boxes and one larger box, all full of books, eight boxes of CDs, three four-drawer file cabinets (full, though I had to half-empty them to move them, and then fill them up again), eight bookshelves, three CD shelves, one armchair and matching footstool -- just the right ratio of books and music to basic furniture. I was hoping to get the rest sorted and packed yesterday and today, but have been too wiped out to get much done. No aching muscles or bruises, just complete blahs: perhaps I've come down with something. The hour I wasted waiting for Rent a Wreck to come fix their damned truck didn't help: it would have been nice if they'd told me up front not to use the emergency brake, since it can only be released by crawling underneath. Did I mention it was 82 degrees and sunny, and I am bald and was hatless?

Assuming I get everything moved out Thursday, I'll be relocating to Baltimore Friday, though probably not for long. Anyone there up for a blogbash? My hemi-semi-demi-blogbash with the Cranky Professor on Monday was a lot of fun.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at August 10, 2003 06:58 PM