July 23, 2003
A Pair Of Aces

I've updated the Ba'ath Poker page (button in right margin) to reflect the deaths of Qusay Hussein, the Ace of Clubs, and Uday Hussein, the Ace of Hearts (perhaps not the most appropriate card for a rapist). Coalition forces have now captured or killed 35 of the 52 cards, which is just about two-thirds (67.3%). Three-quarters of the Aces and three quarters of the number cards (Two to Ten) are dead or in custody, but fewer than half of the face cards (one King, three Queens, and one Jack, five out of twelve). Perhaps that is just a matter of blind chance, but I wonder if the face cards have certain advantages. They would most likely have more money and more friends than the number cards, while not being quite as recognizable as the Aces. Some of them might also be important enough to deserve protection from Syria or Iran, but not so important as to risk U.S. pressure to hand them over. In other words, Syria might well not dare protect Saddam or his sons for fear of U.S. invasion, but might well think they could shelter a Jack or two with impunity.

There have been reports that two cards were already thought to be dead, though no one will say which two. If so, then 37 out of 52 have been taken care of one way or the other. Some of the other fifteen may be out of reach, either because they have successfully escaped to Syria or beyond, or because they committed suicide, as quite a few Nazis did when the Allies were closing in on them.

So far, so good?

Posted by Dr. Weevil at July 23, 2003 12:28 AM