July 17, 2003
How Long, How Long Blues

I won't give his name, since he's someone I admire, but one blogger wrote a week ago that it had been "four months" since major combat operations ended. Of course, it had actually been only two and a third, since Bush's speech on the Abraham Lincoln was May 1st. I just realized today that it hasn't even been four months since major combat operations began on March 19th. Of course, it seems like much longer, but bitching and moaning about a quagmire in Iraq less than four months after the beginning of the war is a bit (how shall we put it?) stupid thoughtless premature.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at July 17, 2003 11:36 PM

My thoughts on the quagmire in Germany in 1945:


Posted by: Chuck on July 21, 2003 11:48 AM

This past weekend, I got to hear countless breathless newscasters report that our death toll now exceeded that of the '91 war.

My thought was, why not turn it around? We've conquered (though not yet entirely pacified) all of Iraq, in four months, with a death toll of about what it took to drive Iraq out of Kuwait twelve years ago.

It's not going all that badly, seems to me.

Posted by: Andrew S. on July 21, 2003 06:19 PM

Another way to put it is that some time in the last week or two the death toll for Gulf War II went past 1/4 of 1% of the Viet Nam total, and the toll for both Gulf Wars went past 1/2 of 1% of the Viet Nam total.

Posted by: Dr. Weevil on July 21, 2003 08:49 PM

I wonder which evil liberal was responsible for the banner that read "Mission Accomplished" when Bush landed on the Lincoln that day.

Posted by: Dark Avenger on July 22, 2003 01:31 PM