June 01, 2003
Unclear On The Concept

Meryl Yourish seems to think that not making the BlogStreet Top 100 list makes her a 'bottom blogger', and even has a specially-designed button to prove it. She also seems to think that displaying a BlogStreet 'Top Blog' button like mine is somehow illegal or offensive or likely to annoy the BlogStreet people if you're not on their Top 100 list (scroll down to 'So Sue Me' if the link doesn't work).

In fact, the top 500 BlogStreet blogs are eligible to display the 'Top Blog' button, and Meryl makes the cut with ease: her current rank is 186, in a five-way tie with three different O'Reilly sites and a bizarre Brazilian blog, Paty's HoMe Page. Paty's page has to be seen to be believed: a revolving Hello Kitty, pink bubbles, rotating pink hearts, a teacup, a Raggedy Ann, a totally redundant "I love glitter", and more, it's every man's nightmare vision of (some instances of) the female mind. (Not to sound too nerdy, but it reminded me of Capt. Picard's advice to Cmdr. Riker: There are some things it's best not to know about the Klingon psyche. That's quoted from memory, because I'm not nerdy enough to look it up.) Among all the glitter there's a link labeled "Clique aqui e veja os melhores TESTES da internet". My Portuguese is rusty, but it looks like that means "Click here and see the best TESTES on the internet". I hope 'testes' is not the Latin word we still sometimes use in English and actually means 'texts' or something in Portugeuse. I was afraid to click there and check.

Anyway, to see the BlogStreet 101-200, 201-300, 301-400, and 401-500 lists, just substitute '200', '300', '400', or '500' for the '100' in the Top 100 URL. The current total number of blogs tracked by BlogStreet is 138,302, so 186th rank puts Meryl in the top 1/7 of 1%: not too shabby. If she thinks that makes her a 'bottom blog', she may want to seek professional help in dealing with her self-esteem issues.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at June 01, 2003 06:16 PM