April 25, 2003
More Monkeys

Acidman complains about the abundance of male bloggers who associate themselves with monkeys. He mentions IMAO, The World Wide Rant, and Feces Flinging Monkey, which is only half of the monkey-related weblogs I know. There's the Banana Counting Monkey, though he hasn't updated in a month. (I guess a Canadian monkey would be more likely to count bananas than fling feces.) BCM even has a separate category on his sidebar for 'Monkey Blogs', which includes Feces Flingin' Monkey again (I don't know why he drops the G), plus Government Monkey and ResourceMonkey. The Banana Counting Monkey needs to update his links: the first two have moved, and the third hasn't posted since June. Still, there are even more monkeys on the web than Acidman realizes, though I'm not sure they're all male: hard to tell sometimes, what with all the body hair.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at April 25, 2003 10:45 AM