March 23, 2003
How Ignorant Is The Press?

Fox News keeps reporting that the American soldiers captured near Al Nasiriyah are members of the "507th Maintenance Division". Once or twice they have said "507th Maintenance Company", but they've called it a division at least a dozen times. None of the on-air talent shows any sign of awareness that a division is roughly 100 times larger than a company, or that the U.S. army is unlikely (to see the least) to devote an entire division (10,000-15,000 soldiers) to maintenance. I think we can assume it's a company. Perhaps Fox News employees should be taken off the air until they read this site (found on Winds of Change), just so they'll know the really basic facts of the events they're trying to cover.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at March 23, 2003 11:56 AM

A minor bit of ignorance is calling everybody "soldiers." Sorry, but the army has soldiers, the other services have marines, airmen (this is probably the problem, they're avoiding 'airpersons'), and sailors. I've seen inanities such as aircraft carrier crews consisting of umpty-thousand soldiers (no they don't, they consist of a hundred or so MARINES and several thousand SAILORS). An example from today was a report saying that three British soldiers were presumed dead in the Patriot missile shoot down of a Tornado. Besides the fact that I've never heard of a 3-seat Tornado, they were AIRMEN, not soldiers (current reports say that the crew of two is confirmed dead).

Posted by: steevil on March 23, 2003 08:27 PM