February 23, 2003
Disturbing Thoughts

Trent Telenko has an interesting (and long) post on Winds of Change entitled 'Anti-Semitism Has Returned: What to Do about It'. One paragraph invites further comment:

. . . I cannot help but thinking that the American Left is committing suicide by adopting anti-Semitism as its organizing principle. The American multi-cultural left on campuses, the media, and in most secular non-government organizations view Israel as another South Africa because of its treatment of Palestinians. This left them highly vulnerable to being infected by the anti-Semitic hate campaigns of Arab regimes. And infected they most certainly are.

There are two kinds of suicide involved here. Adopting anti-semitism as an organizing principle is certainly moral suicide, and it is almost certainly electoral suicide. I wish I didn't have to include that 'almost', because there's nothing more depressing than the thought that an anti-Semitic party could survive and prosper and even win elections. I don't think it could happen here, but it's happened before in supposedly civilized countries.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at February 23, 2003 11:12 PM