February 12, 2003
Fingers Crossed

Today was a Snow Day, but I didn't get much done, since I spent it resting up from the rigors of teaching middle schoolers, particularly a bunch of 7th-graders who've been telling me since the first day that they're trying to force me to quit. They seem to have a fantasy that if they get rid of me, their old teacher will come back from Tennessee. Since he has a new job, hasn't called or written or e-mailed them (or me), and didn't leave any note when he left, even to say where he hid all the books, that seems unlikely.

The forecast for 6 AM is a temperature of 1o F and a wind-chill factor of -19o F. They also forecast 3 to 7 more inches of snow before dawn, with roughly a foot in all by Friday afternoon in areas near Lake Ontario.* Since my school is closer to the lake than any other in the city, that should be good enough for another Snow Day, but my fingers are crossed. I have plenty more to post here, just need to find the time and energy to post it, and another day off would really help.

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*That's not counting the 6 inches or so that fell last night and today. I believe February 1st was the only day so far this year that it has not snowed here. I may be wrong about that, since I got back from New York around sundown. It was raining then.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at February 12, 2003 11:56 PM