January 29, 2003
More Possums

Or would that be 'possa'? (Sorry, that's a Latin joke.)

The PossumBlogger quotes my brother 'Steevil' on consumption of possums, raccoons, and muskrats in Maryland. In 1979, I was working at an air-pollution measurement firm in Annapolis. One of my fellow employees was a man who had spent his spare time in high school out in the swamps with a buddy, shooting possums and raccoons (but not muskrats). They sold them to a list of regular customers, all either black or Eastern European. He told me that his buddy once shot a cat that had been hanging around annoying his mother, skinned it, cut off its head and paws, and sold it to one of their regular customers as a possum. The man called back the next day and told him it was the tastiest possum he'd ever eaten, and if he ever shot another one like it, to please call him first. So what does possum taste like? Just like cat, but not as good.

Perhaps I shouldn't have posted this, since it will most likely make me enemies among possum-lovers and cat-lovers.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at January 29, 2003 11:42 PM