January 29, 2003
Reinventing The Wheel

The ever-clueless 'Hesiod' proposes (1/19, 3:14:22 PM):

JUST BEING SILLY: By now, everyone is sick and tired of the warbloggers' new rhetorical toy: the "Axis of Weasels." A phrase coined by Rummy about France and Germany, among others.

In that spirit, I've come up with a clever list of my own. One sure to bring fun to any party.

In talking about the Southern/Conservative domination of the Republican party, you can sum it all up in one pithy phrase: "Axis of Weevils."

Of course, only lefties (and weasels, I guess) are sick of the phrase, which comes from Scrappleface, not Rumsfeld: it was a joke. Quite a few had used the phrase before, and commenters on Cold Fury and Little Green Footballs were already using it last November to refer to various Euroweenies.

A Google search on "Axis of Weevils" gives 25 hits, including a post on The Volokh Conspiracy last Friday, a commenter on No War Blog the same day, and a commenter on Electrolite the following day. Charles Donefer of We're Left, They're Wrong (no link for him, either) claimed to have invented the phrase later last Friday, and went on (in his next post) to abuse Republicans in general as illiterates after using the "must of" construction, using "poo-poo" to mean "belittle" (the word is "pooh-pooh": only children go poo-poo), and writing about "belli in search of a causus". (That should be "bella in search of a casus". In Latin, if belli are the subject, they are pretty boys, and have nothing to do with war. Latin jokes should be avoided by those who don't know enough Latin to get them right.) All that in one post.

A Google search on "Axis of Weevil" (singular) gives 334 hits, including Max Sawicky's attempt to claim originality for that particular phrase last October, which I blogged here (second to last paragraph).

As I said then, the one and only 'Axis of Weevil' is the list of bloggers living in, born in, or otherwise connected with the state of Alabama. (Seven years in Tuscaloosa were enough to get me in.) The benevolent despot of the Axis is Terry Oglesby of PossumBlog, who (I believe) came up with the idea, and the name, last Spring. It currently contains 28 blogs, listed on his masthead. The Application Form, as filled out by redneckin, even has its own Blogspot site. 'Hesiod' ought to be ashamed to be seen hijacking other people's jokes, but then he ought to be ashamed about a lot of things.

P.S. There is an obscure Simpsons reference is this post. Can anyone spot it?

Note: I added a few sentences at 6:35 AM.

Posted by Dr. Weevil at January 29, 2003 11:26 PM